Singing, Music and Stories

February 2021

Nordoff Robbins (our Music Therapists) have released some new online resources! Some of the videos will be more appropriate for our younger pupils but hopefully everyone can have fun and give it a go!

The promo video, information and videos each day can be found on our website  

Each day there will be 5 different videos released on our website, YouTube and Facebook:

  • Music Making Activity – a different activity each day to get people making music, whether it’s percussion or items you find around your home or body movement activities, something fun for people to get involved in with the therapist
  • Sensory Music Time – a musical sensory experience using a song and physical items to enhance the sensory experience, aimed more at children and young people with profound disabilities, but also sensory processing difficulties
  • Sing and Sign – therapists sing a chorus of a song and teach everyone the Makaton signs to it for people to join in
  • Mindful Music – encouraging breathing and imagination to a purposely created track to support mindfulness and wellbeing
  • Lou’s Digital Music Makers – Lou shares a different way each day for people to make music using their computers, tablets or phones on different platforms and applications


Final Earth Film

Resources from Drake


Mrs Eadie has shared a link with you to focus on family, friendship and love. Enjoy.

Music making at home – Pilrig Park

i)                    Scottish Storytelling….

ii)                    A Story With Ms Laird

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