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GWC Pipe Band bring joy to Pilrig Park Burns Lunch

Pipe band

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Last Saturday evening, a group of pupils from Pilrig Park School, danced on the stage as part of the Festival Theatre’s 25th Birthday Celebration Show. What a performance it was! Any earlier nerves were blown away and the group did a magnificent performance which they had helped to choreograph as well as choose the piece of music. Their confidence and enjoyment shone through, giving the audience a very uplifting experience. Well done to you all – the school is very proud of you all!



Last Saturday afternoon was a dry and (partly!) sunny day for the Pilrig Park Inaugural Spring Fair! It was fantastic to see so many families as well as former pupils, come along to enjoy the fun! There was a fire engine to explore, lots of games including ‘Splat the Rat’, ‘Hook the Duck’ and a constant supply of ice cream and hot dogs! Well done to the Parents Council for organising and making a terrific sum of £532!! Looking forward to this becoming an annual event!



This year’s show has been a major success and I would like to thank everyone who came to see us. Our young people at Pilrig Park are an enthusiastic and talented group of performers and what they get from performing in front of a live audience will last them a lifetime. We value the role that creative arts plays in our curriculum and how it helps to improve our young people’s self-confidence and self-esteem. The show would not happen without the hard work and commitment of the staff invol ved who make it a fun and inclusive experience for all.

For the time being, we say thank you for the music!

We will be back June 2020!

Show Committee

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Fruitmarket Gallery

The school has a wonderful partnership with the Fruitmarket Gallery.

This year, Class S4 were involved in the Garcia Family Schools Workshops which took them to the Gallery for the morning to do a workshop based on the exhibition by Jac Leirner. This was then followed by a workshop in the art room at school. Jenny Bell Harman (artist) led these workshops and the pupils were totally engaged in two very active sessions. Everyone really enjoyed making our time-lapse movie which was exhibited in the Gallery last weekend.

A few or our pupils went to the opening of the exhibition in the Gallery on Friday 27th October, along with pupils from Prospect Bank, Drummond High School, St Mary’s RC Primary, Royal Mile Primary and St Thomas of Aquin’s. The Edinburgh artist, Callum Innes was there as a guest speaker, making the whole occasion a very special one.

We were very proud of our young people from Pilrig who stood up and spoke in front of the audience. I attach photos of some of the pupils at the Gallery.

Children’s Classic Concerts performance

Please see the link from Children’s Classic Concerts performance in the Usher Hall by Drake Music, featuring quite a few of our pupils.



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