All pupils study Mathematics while at Pilrig Park. We place a strong emphasis on applying the Curriculum for Excellence principles and active approaches to learning and the development of understanding in mathematics.

Broad and General Education:

In S1 to S3, pupils are divided into six coloured groups for maths. They also experience numeracy in all other subjects across the curriculum and further follow the dedicated Numeracy Programme every Wednesday.

The mathematic courses at these stages cover all the key areas of Curriculum for Excellence. The groups will work with the four processes of Number, Time, Money, Measure and Problem Solving; all presented using a variety of techniques ranging from worksheets, interactive ICT through to number lines and physical measuring instruments.
In addition, the coloured groups will work with Stages of Early Arithmetical Learning materials,{SEAL}. This provides a secure grounding in basic numerical skills.

BGE is planned through the Es and Os at Early, First, Second and some experiences at Third Level of Curriculum for Excellence.

These include:

  • Number activities at an appropriate level.
  • Money activities at an appropriate level.
  • Time activities at an appropriate level.
  • Measure
  • Data Handling
  • Problem solving.

Literacy, Numeracy and Health and Wellbeing embedded.

Senior Phase National 2/3 and Personal Achievement Awards.

Pupils in S4 and S5 will follow National Qualifications which build on and reflect the learning that has taken place during the Broad and General Education and range from National 1 Personal Achievement Awards to National 5.

All courses in the senior phase are SQA accredited. Pupils will usually follow Life Skills Mathematics 2/3/4 or 5 courses and complete standalone units which are then accumulated to form full courses.

These include:

  • Numeracy.
  • Finance.
  • Statistics.
  • Peer and self-assessment.
  • Geometry and Equations.

Literacy, numeracy and health and wellbeing embedded.

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