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Scotland – 1st level People, place and environment – BBC Bitesize1st level People, place and environment Scotland learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers.www.bbc.co.uk

Please watch these short videos from around Scotland and find the places on a map of Scotland. Write a sentence or a word about each clip on a post it note and stick it on the map if you have one. Enjoy getting out and about virtually.

If you do manage to get out and about near your home it would be lovely to see the places you have been to. We have been looking at the Water of Leith in Social Studies so if you manage to get there so much the better or any stretch of water infact ( the canal, the Forth or a nearby loch perhaps). Please send us your photos and do let us know if you manage to find some ducks to feed! You may write a short paragraph about your walk or draw a picture

Can you look up online some facts about The Water of Leith and discuss this with your family.

Early Level Learning

The Gruffalo in Scots

Since it will soon be Scottish week, The Gruffalo in Scots is a perfect book to read – as many pupils will know the Gruffalo story, also because of the repetition it is a book many of the younger pupils will engage well with.

You can listen to the story here:

There are some games here :


I have attached a couple of fun activities below from the website above that link to The Gruffalo.

Lots of activities to go with all of Julia Donaldsons books can be found at www.gruffalo.com

Messy Play

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