Broad and General Education:

Pupils’ in History study a wide range of topics based on a number of Scottish, British and international contexts. They learn about the importance of the past and presents.

Topics include, The Victorians, Scottish Wars of Independence, and Second World War. These are designed to build on prior knowledge and understanding as they move through the BGE Phase which enables them to become Successful learners, Confident Individuals, Effective Contributors, and Responsible citizens.

ICT is embedded into lessons to support learning. Courses provide depth, challenge and progression by encouraging pupils’ to contribute to classroom discussions and by developing their own research skills.

Senior Phase:

In the Senior Phase, National 2 Social Subject awards are available to pupils’ in S4 and S5 building on their learning from Broad and General Education.

These courses enable learners’ to develop core skills in communication, literacy, numeracy, analysing sources and using ICT. The ultimate aim is to help them prepare for the world of work and further afield.

S4 / S5 / S6 – Pupils study National 2 Social Subjects gaining more confidence and independence by studying Wars of Independence and the Highland Clearances.

Certificates Offered:

  • National 2 Social Subjects

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