Craft Design Technology (CDT)

Broad and General Education:

Pupils access CDT from S1 to S3. The course aims to encourage participation and the learning of many new skills. These will include:

  • Investigation of products
  • Marking out
  • Problem solving and design of models
  • Cutting tools
  • Preparation of materials
  • Manufacturing and design processes
  • Finishes

Pupils are introduced to hand tools and later to power tools as appropriate to produce models made from wood, composite materials, ceramic, plastic and metal.

The course aims to develop fine, gross and perceptual motors skills. The course will also develop problem solving, investigation and manufacture of a variety of models and their manufacture.

Pupils are encouraged to take responsibility for equipment and are made very aware of working safely in the workshop. Each topic is assessed through checklists, class observation and completion of their models.


Senior Phase:

In S4 and S5 pupils will, where appropriate, be entered for National qualifications.

They will use the many skills they have learned in their Broad and general Education to work on a variety of models. These include whole school projects and individual projects such as small items of furniture for the home or garden.

The qualifications to be gained will include ‘Working with Craft Tools’, ‘Working with Materials’ and ‘Making a Craft Item’. If all of these National (2/3) units are achieved, then the pupil will have achieved a complete SQA course in

Practical Craft Skills’, (National 2/3).

Certificates Offered:


  • H25D 72 Working with Craft Tools (National 2/3)
  • H25E 72 Working with Materials (National 2/3)
  • H25F 72 Making a Craft work Item (National 2/3)


Home School Partnership

It is very much appreciated when you give encouragement to your child to use resource materials, including computers, to practice the design and building of models. Include your child in any DIY or maintenance projects going on at home.


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