Autism Base

The aim of the Enhanced Learning Base is to offer different support strategies to those pupils who find attending all the different classes and subjects challenging. We have some pupils with Autism Spectrum Disorder who benefit from a more structured environment.

The classroom is set up with workstations and a central u-shaped table for group work. English and Maths are taught in class using experiences and outcomes from Curriculum for Excellence. The pupils work on individualised, differentiated activities following the TEACCH method at workstations. We work on SQA Personal Achievement Awards and social skills through communication group sessions. The pupils attend subjects which they enjoy and can achieve in for example, Science, Art, Music, PE, Home Economics and CDT. They are also integrated into the whole school Literacy and Numeracy classes.

Emphasis is placed upon teaching skills for life after school. Therefore, we use the local community to contextualise our classroom learning. We go shopping as a class every week for snack food. We use the minibus every week to get out and about in Edinburgh and beyond. We use this time to practice the skills we learn in class in the community. For example: exchanging money in shops, having a drink or snack in a café and using local facilities such as parks and the cinema.

Home School Partnership

Links with parents are strong. We communicate daily through each pupil’s diary. Telephone and email contact is also encouraged. Various voice recording devices and diaries are used to record weekend news so that it can be used as a discussion point in class.


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